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The gold boxesin the Gilbert Collection display originality of form, decoration and materials and an astonishing virtuosity of craftsmanship. At their best they are some of the most remarkable works of art of the eighteenth century and a microcosm of their age. more
Diamond encrusted gold snuffbox decorated with classical scenes.   Gold and hardstone snuffbox set with emeralds, rubies and diamonds.
Mother-of-pearl snuffbox set with diamonds, citrines, ameythists and quartz.   Black marble snuffbox decorated with gold and encrusted with hardstones flowers.
Photo: enamelled gold snuffbox Enamelled gold snuffbox with sunbursts, military medals and orders.   Gold bonbonnière with micromosaic panels and turquoise, jasper and lapis lazuli decoration.
Triple porcelain snuffbox painted in enamels, with gold mounts. Chrysoprase quartz snuffbox decorated with diamonds and gold.
   The silver gallerypresents an exceptionally full picture of the range and styles of European silver from the Renaissance to the Victorian era. The collection focuses on fine craftsmanship and is much richer in ornamental objects than in utilitarian wares. more
Photo: enamelled gold snuffbox Silver-gilt casting bottle embossed with sprays of foliage. The 'Lafayette Vase', made as a presentation piece in silver-gilt and other metals.
Silver-gilt cup and cover decorated with putti, scrolls, vines, masks and flowers.   Tankard in silver and parcel gilt, made in Germany, mid-16th century.
Ornate silver dish and matching ewer with raised and cast decorations.   Silver soup tureens made for Ernest Augustus, fifth son of George III
Earthenware jug, c.1600, with later silver mounts, cover and handle. Silver wine coolers, decorated with swags of vines and with poodle handles!
   The gold & treasurygalleries contain some extraordinary, diverse and contrasting objects, including a 16th century jewelled partridge from Nuremberg, a pair of royal gates from a monastery in Kiev, an Indian Maharaja’s silver howdah or elephant chair, and an Anatolian ewer, an extremely early survivor which dates from the third millennium BC. more
Gold and enamel cup, probably made in Augsburg in 1665. Cup and cover in silver gilt and polished turban shell..
Gold presentation cup and cover made in London 1806-7.   A Howdah, or elephant seat, made from silver and other materials.
Silver and silver-gilt nef in the form of a two-masted sailing ship.   Gold Anatolian ewer dating from around 2,500 BC.
A pair of silver and parcel-gilt gates from Kiev, made in the reign of Catherine II. Partridge vessel made from silver and silver-gilt, decorated with jewels.
   Two kinds of Italian mosaicare celebrated in the Gilbert Collection; pietre dure (literally hard stones) developed in Renaissance Florence and enamel micromosaics made in Rome. From vases to snuffboxes and tables to jewellery, nowhere in te world has a comparable collection. more
Gold notebook, the cover inlaid with hardstone lozenges. Marble clock with panels of lapis lazuli and micromosaics.
Photo: enamelled gold snuffbox

Ebony veneered cabinet decorated with pietre dure panels.

  Tuscan hardstone plaque depicting a snow scene.
Circular micromosaic tabletop depicting scenes of ancient Rome.   Micromosaic picture depicting a group of peasants gathered at a well.
Venetian micromosaic depicting a reclining tigress. Gold and micromosaic four-piece jewellery set.
   Art in enameldescribes the miniature portraits created using enamel paints, where each colour is fired separately in a kiln before the next is applied. The Gilbert Collection contains over one hundred examples of this remarkable and exacting art form, which became fashionable across eighteenth century Europe because of the permanence and brilliance of the medium. more
John Churchill, First Duke of Marlborough by Charles Boit. Thomas, 1st Baron Dimsdale by Henry Bone.
Photo: enamelled gold snuffbox George IV as Prince Regent by Henry Bone.   George Washington by Henry Bone.
Georgiana Spencer, Duchess of Devonshire by Johann Heinrich Hurter.   Queen Charlotte by Johann Heinrich Hurter.
Benjamin Franklin in a Mauve Jacket by Jean Baptiste Weyler. Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough by Christian Freidrich Zincke.
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